Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

Journey recording music and photo shooting Singer Emi in Majapahit Kingdom. East Javanese - Indonesia


With a magic like thee
And like music on the waters
Is thy sweet voice to me
When, as if its sound were causing
The charmed ocean's pausing,
The waves lie still and gleaming,
And the lulled winds seem dreaming

I write poetry and you singing it.
Brief is the flame of our lives, but we create art forever!
Living forever in temple and picture and statue and song,
Look how the world with the lights that lit is illumined and starred,
Grateful and joyful, O Master, because we have listened to thee
The glory of music endures in depths of human soul. 

Photographer : Arya Esa Mahadewa
Editor photo : Arya Esa Mahadewa
Liric : Arya Esa Mahadewa

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